Having a boat offers hours of pleasures to the owners and their guests. Boat owners can easily access the coast, beautiful islands, and parts of lakes that people without boats can’t reach. There, boat owners can go on picnic, fishing, swimming, or just chilling in less crowded waters.

After enjoying your boat with your family and friends, it’s time to pack it in and say goodbye until next time. Now what? Where do you store your boat securely when it’s not in use?

Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Enough space to keep your boat
  2. Accessibility to your boat year round
  3. Convenience of launching and haulout
  4. Protection from UV sun damage that causes boat deterioration
  5. Cost of trailer and transport cost

We know having a boat can be difficult, lots of challenges and hard work. An endless list from storing, cleaning, fueling, towing, launching, and especially maintaining and repairing…

Thankfully, Ocean Marina can help you lessen some of the hard work and just enjoy the days you spend boating.

Ocean Marina Yacht Club offers you affordable ways in keeping and maintaining your boat.

  1. We have secured facility dedicated to store your boat and frees up a lot of space in your garage. Vandalism and theft are not a worry. Our 24 hours security, locked gates and  CCTV cameras will give you peace of mind while you’re away from your boat.
  2. If you wish to access your boat anytime, anyway, you are freely to do so. Just visit the Marina Office or give us a call prior to your arrival.
  3. There’s no waiting in long lines to launch and haulout your boat. Stop wasting time waiting for your boat get launched. Call the Marina office and we’ll launch your boat at your convenience. Arrive in the marina, get on water and enjoy!
  4. Storing your boat is done with ease too. We haul out, pressure wash your boat and keep it at the storage the way it was.
  5. In keeping your boat at Ocean Marina Yacht Club Dry storage, it protects the upholstery and hull from sun damage and rain which results in significantly lower maintenance and repair costs.
  6. Spares you with transport cost, lower risk of damaging your boats while storing and saves you costly repairs. Preserving your boat’s beauty and performance. Maximises the value of boat with brokers.

In addition, keeping a boat in the dry storage will make boat owner’s life less stressful because of the unbeatable safety and security. No concern about being damaged by strong winds.

Also, Ocean Marina offers a full service, including launching the boat and berthing, so the boat is waiting for you, ready to go. Need fuel? No problem, and we can fuel it up, and even put ice in the ice box if you need it. Oh, and don’t forget all boats stored with us get a couple of days free berthing.

So when considering the best way to store your boat, remember the numerous advantages of Ocean Marina Yacht Club Dry Storage.


Most people have no choice but to stay at home to keep themselves and others safe from COVID-19 with the community quarantine in place. To some, it’s a restful break or an opportunity to spend more time with the family as work from home is implemented. To others, however, it means being stuck at home with endless family drama, from children’s fights to chore wars. 

Even if your family has a good relationship, the anxiety that the community quarantine and rising case numbers brings may result in emotions that are tougher to manage. It’s hard to think about how one can survive work at home, work productively, and stay positive all throughout this situation.

Here are some ways on how you can stay sane while locked up in your home:

Work together and communicate

Sit and talk about plans on how you can survive this home quarantine. This will set and manage expectations, at the same time, get everybody on board and avoiding conflicts along the way. These are the some things you need to discuss in your meeting:

Kid’s activities. To keep little ones from fighting each other, prepare a game plan. Dedicate learning time in the morning, nap time at noon, and play time in the afternoon. While you allow children to have their screen time, make sure to limit it, as too much exposure can affect sleep quality, and therefore make them more restless and irritable.

Task Allocation. Talk about who does what and when. If you need to work all throughout the day, perhaps you can take over the lunch dishes. After your shift ends in the afternoon, commit to doing the chore after dinner. 

Own health. Aside from chore wars, kids’ petty fights, and tantrums, the status of one’s health can make for a restless household. That’s why it’s important that you advise everyone to take basic health precautions, such as washing hands regularly, taking vitamins, eating healthy, and monitoring symptoms. This is especially crucial if you have loved ones who are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19.

Spend time with the family

It’s not just the kids who need to be entertained during quarantine time. Everybody in the family should experience some sense of leisure. The absence of such will take a toll on your health, and get you riled up even at the smallest of things. That said, make time for some meaningful family bonding. Here are the types of activities you can try:

Fun: watch a movie, play some board games, go on a picnic and BBQ at your backyard

Educational: bake a cake with kids, create arts and crafts

Productive: exercise together, do some gardening, wash the car, make cleaning the house fun

Of course, keep the family traditions of eating lunch and dinner together, and telling kids stories every night.

Let each other breathe

As much as it’s crucial to spend time with each other, it’s equally important to let family members to have some personal time and space. Remember, you won’t be able to extend grace and compassion to others when you’re running empty on self-love. Whenever someone in the family takes time out from activities, let them and respect it. When a conflict starts, give the involved family members some time to calm down. 

If you can include personal quiet time in your daily schedule, the better. Have the kids read or play on their own in their separate rooms. Give your partner the “me-time” they need in the garden.

Ask how your partner is doing

In today’s situation, it can bring out the worst worries — over job and business security, family’s health, food supply, and the ability to pay for bills on time. This can take a toll on you and your partner’s psychological well-being. It will manifest as irritation and anger. So, before you clash heads, commit to setting aside time to express your anxieties to each other. Listening to one another’s concern without judgement or interruptions every night will lighten the worries. Comfort your spouse and support them.

Create a friendly and loving home environment for the sake of everyone’s sanity.